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Mom’s full lips crack a smile and she nods in approval with her right hand still sprawled across my ejaculating cock. I want to kiss her so bad. I push a couple more drops out and melt back into the homemade couch. I can’t believe what just happened and the fact that the first girl to make me cum was my mom. I lay my head back on the couch and close my eyes to the soothing feeling of Mom still gently massaging my covered cock and balls.

Then I feel wet suction on my left nipple and open my eyes to her sucking on it with her fat pink lips. This feels so good, I had no idea it could feel like this. She looks up at me smiling and detaches, only to stick her tongue out and lick it. After a few seconds, milfs sits back and removes her right hand from my sticky underwear.

Mom gets up to go to the bathroom, so I again watch her hot ass walk away. If I hadn’t just cum with a now deflating erection, I’d be tempted to pin her against the hallway wall from behind and fuck her like an vintage animal. What she just did to me was unbelievably sexy and something I need more of. I don’t care if she’s my mom, I want to fuck her in foursome like she’s my girlfriend.

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Added on: June 8, 2022