Nice older sults


As they got older and had families they grew apart. Not in a negative way, just in the sense that they were both busy trying to balance raising a romania news family and being career women. I don’t know my aunt very well, only that she was a nurse. What little I know about my aunt I know even less about my cousins. The only image I can conjure up of my aunt and her family is of a schimburi from a trip to the zoo I remember going on when I was a child.

My aunt, kind of chubby with long curly brown hair and a big smile. My cousins spitting images of their mother only much younger. Just an ordinary family. When exactly my mother and aunt stopped talking I can’t recall, I doubt it was immediate. But when I came home from tuning masini the day before my Christmas break, my mother was on the phone. I figured it was my father since he had just went overseas to Thailand for work. I went to my room after waving hello to gorgeous fit teen and didn’t come out until almost 4 hours later.

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Added on: June 8, 2022