Neighbor is so much Hotter than Wife


I was half hard while I finished coolplay mowing the yard. It took me 45 minutes to do both the front and back and by the time I was done my nuts were aching because of what my sister had told me. Not only did she reveal some of my girlfriend’s past, she told me why she had sneaked into my room the night before. My girlfriend who had learned about sex from her brother convinced Jaycee that I could teach her a few things under the blankets. Man, I got to tell you, my thoughts about Anna were all over the place. From red hot, I wanted to fuck her, to what the hell kind of blonde nympho bitch was I dating ?

I went back into the house to clean up and when I went through the kitchen, I saw stepmom in the small laundry room, she was bent over the top loader washing machine pulling wet clothes out to toss them into the dryer. Her legs were stretched as she stood on her toes to reach for the laundry at the bottom of the tub, her transexuali ass announced to my eyes, ‘Hey, check me out’, and check her out I did. I stepped up behind my sister, put my arms around her stomach then popped open the button of her shorts. Jaycee snapped her head around to look at me as I slid a hand into her zipper and rubbed my fingers down the outside of her panties, feeling her pussy.

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Added on: June 8, 2022