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She put a dollop of lube on her dirty milf palm and rubbed her hands together. Then she wiped both hands on it, trying to get the lube off. I groaned now. I couldn’t believe she was doing this. I felt like I should say something, but it felt so good. She was making sure there was lube over every inch of it, top, bottom, couple sides. She paid the most attention to my head, sliding her little cougar fingers along the slit.

“You really do have a nice blowjob cock, Chris,” she said, glancing at me, her fingers moving in small circles along my dildo . “I saw it a few times when we were younger, but not like this.”

“You, uh, you missed a spot.” Was it wrong if I said no and just told her to keep rubbing? Then she cupped my balls and rolled them between my wife fingers.

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Added on: April 30, 2021