My Recently Widowed Stepmom Had Plans


She loved being outside and was a very outgoing person. She was a few years older than me but even with our differences we got along great. We teased each other a lot like adult backlinks do but overall we had a deep bond. Still even that bond couldn’t stop my taboo of thoughts I had of her. To be fair she really did deepthroat have an amazing body and cute face.

She had blonde hair like me but was much longer and wavy. She had sparkling green eyes that were always so mesmerizing. Plus she had one of the cutest smiles to round off her face. If that wasn’t enough though her body was something else, she has a tight, 5’2”body partly do to her still being young and the other part to her love of swimming. Teen didn’t do it for a sport but still it helped out a lot.


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Added on: May 28, 2023