Mutual Masturbation


As I got to the glass door seeing animale domestice all the distracted guest my mind was waging a war with reason against my cock and curiosity. Reason was losing and it seemed to be losing it’s anunturi non stop voice the harder my cock got. I walked away from the door and decided I could get a quick feel and nothing more before I got caught. My aunt was up again, and was lean walking towards the bathroom that was adjacent to the living room. I should have walked away then and there, but my cock ached for relief. “Aunt Elizabeth…are you ok in oradea ? Do you need help?”

I said as She crashed against the restroom door. “Sssttupid ddooor won’t…..anunțuri gratuite ” she slurred while trying to push the door instead of turning the handle. I walked over and decided that’s where I would take my chance. I quickly opened the door and my wife  wobbled in, crash landing on the toilet.

Category: Mature
Added on: March 7, 2021