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Max pushed deeper and harder, the head of his cock bumping up against Daisy’s cervix categorii , any pain that would normally come from it fully translated to pleasure. Norway escorts could feel something, she knew what it was, she couldn’t stop it, not that she wanted to. Max’s knot had begun to grow. Its round baseball like shape slipping in and out of her snatch due to his speed, but as it grew with each thrust it strained more against bruneta stretched pussy.

Just as she was sure it wouldn’t come back into her again, Max pushed harder than he had before sex , the knot passing her lips and straining them with its girth. As Max tried to pull out again his knot caught, only causing Gia derza to cry out in pleasure and for him to continue pumping in shorter more desperate strokes. Madrasta could feel it continue to swell. Continue to bump about inside her and hit all the buttons it needed to.

She moaned constantly, unable to form words as the pleasure continued to blonde mount. Her skin became slick with sweat, sticking against the furry body of her mate as he thrusted on top of her.

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