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Kate thought through her dilemma. The hard steel ring holding her jaw wide open wasn’t painful, but it was uncomfortable. She wanted to be out of it as soon as possible optimizare . She couldn’t fault the logic of his suv argument. Reluctantly she submitted to his instructions. She could move her lips enough to close them around his cock, giving it a squeeze. And she pushed her tongue up against the underside of his cock, stroking the sensitive area at the base of the head tractoare , hoping that she could get her ordeal over quickly.

“Good girl,” he growled triumphantly as heather yielded to his demands. “Yeah, lick it right there, that’s the spot!” He grunted as he fucked her mouth, pushing his cock in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. His penis wasn’t too long, fortunately, but it was thick, especially near the base tarife promovare, almost completely filling the ring when he pushed in deep. As his cock reached the back of morena mouth she choked a little. She was gasping for breath and her eyes were watering.

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Added on: June 8, 2022