Lisa Melo Knows How to Make The Day Better


My cock throbs painfully against my pants. I pull away from Debra’s sweet lips, panting. I shove her forward again, then lean down and look underneath my desk, right at her ass. God I’ve wanted to do this for so long pampy ! I reach out and grasp her butt from the opening in the back of her seat. Every fucking day, I have to be so damn careful not to bump her with my tongue as I tentatively navigate into this little desk that isn’t quite big enough for a high school senior guy modă . I squeeze hard.

I slip out of my desk, looking her up and down. Then glancing around the room, I hesitate for a moment, deciding what to do with my wife . The world is mine to enjoy with studenta . No one can see or hear me. I’m free to be as weird as I want!

I head to the front of the class, humming to myself, searching around Mr. L’s desk. The crotchety old bastard sits smugly waiting as his students struggle with his test fanteziile bărbaților . I find what I’m looking for and return to the back of the class. As I go, I keep looking around the room with a whole new perspective.

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Added on: April 4, 2022