Fucked a Friend’s Girlfriend While She Was Alone Resting in Bed.


She jostled a bit, moving her body for a feel of my cock, “I hated you when you did it, but I won’t hate you now.” She reached between us for the band of my shorts then rose enough to pull them down cougar legs. When they were at my knees she sat up over my hungry throat , grabbed my cock then held it under the slip against the soft warm split between her legs. Jaycee looked down and urged with a hint of daring, “Put it in me Will.”

The pressure of her pussy on the shaft of my prick had the effect she wanted; in seconds I was man enough for her. I put my hands around Jaycee’s waist to lift her seo local . She rose far enough that she could hold the head of my erection against her bloss hole then I lowered her onto my lap. She was ready. She was wet, warm, and tight, but there was no discomfort or friction when she slipped down. When her ass was sitting on my nuts, escorte adevărate rolled my hips to push into her as far as I could.

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Added on: June 8, 2022